Digital Mammography is currently the most advance technique in breast cancer detection. Metaltronica produces three different Full Field Digital Mammography Systems to meet specific demands of specialists in senology.



The Full Field Digital Mammography Helianthus is a complete system optimized for digital imaging in breast cancer screening and diagnostic procedures. A wide range of accessories is available for different exam tipologies.


Helianthus Bym

Helianthus is also available in Bym version fitted with fully motorized isocentric C-Arm (vertical and rotation movement) that allows all breast projections without moving the patient and without adjusting the height of the C-Arm.


Helianthus DBT

The Full Field Digital Mammography Helianthus DBT is a fast and all-around solution to obtain excellent diagnostic images in two-dimensional screening, breast tomosynthesis and stereotactic biopsy (in association with Bym 3D FFDM device).


Acquisition Station (AWS) of Helianthus

The Acquisition Station is integrated with a transparent anti-X protective barrier. It includes an advanced post-processing algorithm (POEt) specific for mammography to optimize the image quality and many graphic tools to manipulate the images.

The DBT version has a completely redesigned software to simplify the use of the device and increase the workflow, a 15” touchscreen display to fully control mammography system and exam settings and a 3 MP high definition LCD preview monitor.



Digital Stereotactic Biopsy Device

Helianthus Bym is upgradeable with Bym 3D FFDM digital stereotactic biopsy device. The C-Arm positioning for biopsy views (+/-15°) is motorized and selectable when the Bym 3D FFDM device is inserted.

The biopsy device Bym 3D for all Helianthus systems is easily interchangeable with the Potter Bucky and the Magnification Kit. The Stereo biopsy Software is integrated in the Acquisition Station and includes the user settable database for the selection of needles, biopsy guns and VAB associated to the codes, image and dimensions for the best flexibility and maximum reliability.

DICOM Compliant

Download DICOM Conformance Statement