Metaltronica has been manufacturing mammography devices since 1977, it has so far sold and installed analog units worldwide. The last Lilyum series guaranties an excellent imaging technology combined with a modern, ergonomic and winning design improves efficiency and increases the standard of care.



Lilyum is the state-of-the-art in analogue breast imaging providing the best patient care at the most efficient cost. It is a completely independent mammography unit allowing clinicians to obtain high quality images while expediting patient throughput. It is suitable both for all the in depth studies of the breast as well as for “screening” programs carried out always with utmost accuracy.


Lilyum Bym

The Lilyum in Bym version is fitted with an isocentric C-Arm that allows all breast projections without moving the patient and without adjusting height of the C-Arm. In this configuration the Lilyum is upgradeable with stereotactic biopsy device Bym 3D.


Bym 3D

Stereotactic Biopsy Device

The Stereotactic Biopsy Device Bym 3D is used for needle localization mammography in order to allow the diagnosis of inner lesions, in terms of prevention, and also when it is necessary to carry out biopsy tests for histological and/or cytological exams.

It is equipped with a Processing Unit (PU), that is a control console for data acquisition, and with a Needle Position Unit (NPU), that is the needle support, and positioning unit.