Italian excellence in the world.
Founded in 1977, Metaltronica rapidly became known as a dynamic an innovative company who could rapidly change the landscape in the field of mammography.

A company IN MOTION

Thinking about the future. Day after day.
Metaltronica concentrates all its efforts on diagnostic imaging, with a particular focus on designing mammography equipment. The first important international milestone was reached back in 1988, with the major commercial success of Europe's first mammography system equipped with a high frequency generator (COMPACT MAMMO HF), and with the introduction of a fully automated exposure solution.
History & Milestones



Founding of Metaltronica

The company initially manufactured radiology equipment, but it soon began putting all its innovative expertise into the field of diagnostic imaging, with a particular focus on mammography equipment.



The first mammography system

The year that marked the turning point thanks to the major commercial success of Europe's first mammography system equipped with a high frequency generator (COMPACT MAMMO HF), and with the introduction of a fully-automated exposure solution.



Market launch of the Helianthus DBT

Metaltronica places the new Helianthus DBT on the market, a highly technological tomosynthesis mammography system that satisfies the needs of radiologists and operators, but also focuses on patient comfort.



The compact 2D system

Metaltronica introduces its new ultra-compact and ergonomic 2D mammography system. The careful selection of all its components makes it the ideal solution for installation on mobile equipment or in environments where climatic conditions are critical.
Vision & Mission



Diagnostic accuracy and maximum comfort
Prevention is still the fundamental weapon in defeating breast cancer. Metaltronica systems are designed with two objectives in mind: to simplify operation for the radiologist, thus improving the workflow, and to make the mammographic exam a comfortable experience for the patient.
For over 40 years, Metaltronica units have been supporting physicians in their work on breast prevention, offering extremely high quality mammographic images while at the same time significantly reducing the dose of radiation

With its extensive experience in the field of mammography and a highly-trained technical staff, Metaltronica is able to offer the most suitable mammography system for your needs. Metaltronica radiology equipment has been designed and developed to provide maximum diagnostic accuracy without neglecting patient comfort.

Metaltronica is deeply committed to research and development and invests more than 7% of its turnover in this sector every year. The R&D department is staffed with a team of brilliant engineers whose in-depth knowledge of mammography allows us to design innovative, ergonomic and reliable solutions, which also have an excellent quality-price ratio.

Collaboration with universities, hospitals including the Policlinico Gemelli and the Campus Biomedico in Rome, CRAS (Aerospace Research Centre – University of Rome “La Sapienza"), INFN (National Institute of Nuclear Physics) and ISS (Italian National Health Institute), enables us to constantly improve and update our equipment.  

Metaltronica has two separate product lines: analog and digital products. Its flexible organizational approach to the workflow allows the company to produce up to 140 units/month and over 700 units/year.


Metaltronica's commercial organisation is comprised of a Domestic Sales department and an Export department. In Italy, the company works directly via a network of experienced agents; abroad, Metaltronica has established a vast network of distributors that covers all parts of the world.
Metaltronica's agents and distributors are well-trained from a technical point of view. This not only ensures that system sales and installation are efficiently organized, but also that the highly-specialised technical support and routine maintenance services are performed in a timely manner and that installed equipment is constantly updated. Our distributors also ensure that the Metaltronica products sold in their own countries are immediately registered.


certifiED Quality

Moral obligations and professional responsibility
The Quality System developed by Metaltronica guarantees that every phase of the production process is constantly subjected to rigorous control. Even greater attention is paid to materials and components that are purchased by third parties, which are also subject to extensive and repeated checks. Finally, before leaving the production department, every Metaltronica unit is subjected to a strict testing protocol in order to verify that the device being examined is functioning perfectly, and to ensure that the results are accurate. After passing all the tests, only then are Metaltronica products ready to be shipped and installed in hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centers, and on mobile equipment.

Metaltronica considers it a moral obligation and a professional responsibility to provide its customers with perfect and reliable diagnostic equipment. One of the main objectives is to regularly improve its Quality Management System by adopting the most recent international regulations and precisely applying them to all internal processes.


The reliability and durability of our mammography systems are highly appreciated and known around the world thanks to the constant work of our technical service team. The Metaltronica Technical Service Department actively keeps track of the systems installed around the world and is dedicated to ensuring that the optimal conditions of use are maintained for the equipment either directly, via on-site or remote interventions, or through our local distributors. Expertise, professionalism, timely responses, customer care and patient safety have been the cornerstones of this team of cross-functional specialists for over forty years and are an important reference point in the relationship between customers and Metaltronica. All our professionals participate in an ongoing training program, and share experiences and training so that the latest innovations can be conveyed to all engineers, technicians, agents and distributors located abroad, in order to guarantee the widespread transmission of skills and knowledge on a worldwide scale.