Metaltronica commenced in 1977 as a manufacturer of radiology equipment. We rapidly became known for our dynamism and the numerous innovations that differentiate our devices.
Very early we decided to concentrate all our activities in the field of diagnostic imaging, with a particular focus on mammography equipment.

The turning point at domestic and international level came in 1988, with the major commercial success of Europe’s first mammogram machine equipped with a high frequency generator (COMPACT MAMMO HF), and with the introduction of a fully automated exposure technique.

In the mid-90s, Metaltronica became established as the leading firm in the sector with FLAT E, a product whose elegant and innovative design made it iconic in the mammography field.

Metaltronica turned a new page towards the end of 2004. Backed by significant investment, development work started on the changeover from analogue to digital mammography.


Prevention is still the most effective weapon to win such a difficult fight as the one against breast cancer.
Digital mammography represents a true turning point as it spots 20% more cancer cases in an earlier stage if compared to analogue mammography.
The fast technological progress in all field of diagnostic imaging led companies to invest their resources in this direction and to make use of long- experienced and well prepared staff.
Metaltronica decided to put its R&D efforts into these new high technology examination methods that are entering the mammography field.

The aim is to improve diagnostic capabilities and to extend them to a wider age-range.
But the commitment goes even further and it is not strictly limited to the technical field.
Metaltronica knows very well how important it is to spread the awareness about the importance of early diagnosis.
We have been designing and manufacturing mammography devices for almost 40 years, our long experience and the excellent skills of our staff grant the highest productivity levels and quality standards.


The R&D department comprises a team of young and experienced engineers – about 20% of all our employees – whose objective is to devise and design devices that offer not only excellent performance and great reliability, but also excellent value for money.

Metaltronica invests heavily in this sector: more than 7% of sales every year.
Collaboration with many universities, a number of hospitals including Policlinico Gemelli and Campus Biomedico in Rome, and various leading research institutions such as CRAS (Aerospace Research Centre – University of Rome “La Sapienza”), INFN (National Institute of Nuclear Physics) and ISS (Istituto Superiore di Sanità), enables us to constantly improve our equipment.

This work is assisted by the market feedback received by the Sales and Support area, which is transferred immediately to the R&D department.


Metaltronica plant is in Pomezia, near Rome, and includes both manufacturing lines: digital and analogue.

The long experience joined with the excellent technical skills of his staff allow Metaltronica the highest productivity levels and the highest quality standards.
The inner quality system tweaked by Metaltronica it self, warrants that each phase of production is kept under controlled.
Special attentions is dedicated to the supplied materials in order to make sure these meet the company standards.

Before leaving the manufacturing department each unit is put to a severe test aimed to verify the perfect opearation of it.
Only after having passed the tests the units are released on the markets.


Quality is a fundamental aspect in health sector.
That’s why Metaltronica considers a moral duty and a professional responsibility to provide its customers with perfect and reliable diagnostic equipment.

One of Metaltronica main purposes is in fact to continuosly improve its Quality Management System, by strictly applying the most recent international standards to internal and external processes.

The most important certifications obtained are:

  • 93/42 CE
  • ISO 13485
  • CB TEST Certificate including compliance with
    60601-1 third edition
  • ISO 9001
  • CCC (China)
  • SFDA (China)
  • UL (Brasile)

Moreover distributors take care of registering Metaltronica’s products in their countries.


Metaltronica’s commercial organisation comprises a Domestic Sales department and an Export department.
In Italy, we work directly via a network of experienced agents; abroad, Metaltronica has established a broad network of distributors that cover all parts of the world.

Metaltronica’s agents and distributors are well trained in technical terms. While ensuring the efficiency of system sales and installation, this also guarantees the timely provision of highly specialist technical support and routine maintenance services, as well as the constant update of installed equipment. In addition, our distributors ensure the prompt registration of Metaltronica products sold in their countries.

Every year the company participates directly in the following Conferences and Exhibitions:

Metaltronica is also present through its distributors in many other national and regional events.


The operating life of mammography systems is generally very long, but they have to be always maintained in perfect conditions.
Metaltronica is fully aware of this need and this is why its technical staff is constantly monitoring all installed systems.
Should any damage occur our engineer immediately support our customers either by direct and remote interventions, in order to restore the normal operating conditions.
In case of technical upgrades of existing devices or of the launch of new products on the market, courses either at Metaltronica’s plant or in major training centers.
This way all Metaltronica’s engineers, technicians, sales agents and distributors are perfectly able to manage new technologies and carry out their job in the most professional way.